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As A Result Of The Planned Code Change, Lincoln Food Trucks See An Opportunity To Expand Their Operations

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – The city of Lincoln is preparing to host the World Cup. It is possible that significant changes will occur in the areas where food trucks can operate. A proposed code amendment would allow them to park in specific areas for much longer periods of time.

Some food truck proprietors expressed delight at the prospect of being able to operate their vehicles for longer hours in locations such as neighborhoods. As far as they are concerned, this is just another positive step in the direction of the Lincoln food scene.

According to Alicia Dieckhoff, owner of Baconizing LLC, “There are a lot of overpopulated communities and other places where it would be good for us to just deliver the food to their community and right now we’re not allowed to,” she said.

A proposed change in municipal ordinance might allow food trucks to park in specific residential zones for extended periods of time, which would be beneficial to residents.

In fact, Glenn Cox, the proprietor of Golden Goat Pizza, says that “with all of the kinds of apps that we have, like next door and groups on Facebook, it makes it incredibly easy to sell.” “Something along the lines of “Hey, I’m setting up here,” and then everyone reposts it to their group.”

It is proposed to increase the maximum amount of time available from ten minutes to three hours under certain conditions. Some food truck entrepreneurs believe the change will help them fill up their schedules for service. Because there is no municipal rule governing private events, they are now permitted to enter residential zones for an unlimited period of time, but only if they are asked to do so by organizations such as homeowners associations.

“A lot of those weekends, a lot of those Fridays, Thursdays, and lunchtimes, it’s nice that you can go to private businesses, it’s great that you can go to HOAs and apartment complexes, but to help fill up the week and to help generate some revenue, it would be nice to set up shop kind of anywhere,” Cox said. “It would be nice to set up shop kind of wherever to help generate some revenue.”

In recent years, the city of Lincoln has implemented a number of different improvements, including a trial program to allow food trucks to operate in downtown areas, as well as expanding the hours and regions where they are permitted to operate.

In the last year or year and a half, Dieckhoff believes, “the food truck industry here in Lincoln has kind of exploded,” he added.

It represents a shift in the reachability of prospective restaurant owners, and current owners agree that it is always a positive thing when new food trucks arrive in town.

You know you’re able to accommodate you know the times that work for you, the types of events that you want to do stuff like that,” Dieckhoff said of his ability to cater. In terms of significance for the community, this is significant.

The final vote on the proposed modification was originally scheduled for Monday night at the Lincoln City Council Meeting, but it was postponed. The election will now take place on Monday, March 21.

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