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Affinity Property Australia Pty Ltd

Property management company in the Kallangur, Queensland, Australia


Affinity Property Australia Pty Ltd


1482 Anzac Ave
Kallangur Queensland 4503


(07) 3293-9100

With 5-Star Reviews from Over 100 Happy Clients, we are proud Affinity Property is voted North Brisbane's Leading Real Estate Agent and Property Manager. Our highly experienced agents have more than 100 years combined experience working in real estate. Affinity has assisted thousands of clients and can help you achieve the best result when you are looking to sell, rent or buy a home. We know from our experience that many clients are looking for an Expert Property Advisor to help them with any property-related issue. We know you also want results. We are specialists in real estate, with knowledge of houses, strata titles, duplexes, and more. We are different from other agents because of our experience, great service, and exceptional results.


About Kallangur

Kallangur is a suburb in the City of Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia. In the 2016 census, Kallangur had a population of 20,405 people. == Geography == The North Coast railway line forms the western boundary of the suburb, while the Bruce Highway forms the eastern boundary. The main thoroughfare in Kallangur is route 71, Anzac Avenue (27.2499°S 152.9966°E / -27.2499; 152.9966 (Anzac Avenue)).The Redcliffe Peninsula railway line passes through the suburb, which is served by the Kallangur railway station (27.2566°S 153.0003°E / -27.2566; 153.0003 (Kallangur railway station)).The proposed Bruce Highway Western Alternative will have its southern entry point in Kallangur. == History == The area once belonged to Mrs.



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Jodie and the team at Affinity Property are fantastic to deal with. they are helpful and care about what you want and try so hard to deliver. they are the type of people that you could sit down with over a cuppa and have a chat. They go above and beyond to please.

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