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Alluros Custom Cabinets in Peoria

Bespoke, Handmade, Custom, Quality Custom Cabinets


Beautiful custom cabinetry designed by skilled craftsmen will revitalize your kitchen and your home We are Alluros Custom Cabinets our extensive experience in custom cabinet design, construction and installation on site set us apart as one of the leading service providers Our range of services includes custom cabinet installation ranging from 85301 to 85383. We help our clients maximize their storage space, minimize clutter, and turn their homes into beautiful We can create custom cabinets for your kitchen, bookcases, and media centers, as well as shelving Alluros Custom Cabinets is committed to helping customers realize their home-restoration goals

Cabinets are large and have a long profile. They can also be installed on the site line. It is essential that they look good Remodeling your home is a an investment of a lifetime. It is important to select the appropriate type We provide space-saving, stylish cabinets in Peoria that can be adapted to your needs From inset doors to custom media centers, everything is built in-house using the finest woods and hardware These little details pave the way for a more elegant modern, modern and polished look

Contact us today to begin creating the custom cabinets that you’ve always wanted We can guide you through all the steps by asking what you would like to see in
Custom Media Centers
At Alluros Custom Cabinets, we specialize in custom cabinets, however we also make other furniture items that are bespoke, like custom media centers, or Custom entertainment centers can conceal wiring, remote controls as well as media equipment to give your living space an uncluttered and relaxing environment Imagine being able store all your equipment and having a stylish piece of custom furniture in its proper place. This will increase the aesthetics of your living area

The majority of the mass-produced media centers are constructed of particle board, and don’t provide storage spaces specifically to store We construct your custom media center using an ideal wood like ash or birch, and your entertainment center will be much more durable as well as look great An endless mess of cables in the middle of your living room can be distracting, therefore we can specifically build wire access holes and compartments in cabinets to hide them

Cabinet Hard Woods of Superior
There are many different cabinet woods to choose from, and this will alter the appearance and the characteristics of your There is an abundance of choice for cabinet woods, and in this article we will talk about some common types

Alder wood is typically light brown in color and is lighter in tone Alder wood requires more care because it requires specific finishing techniques. It isn’t as durable as a maple cabinet for instance, but is a must-have for people going for rustic appeal

Maple wood cabinets are adaptable and can be able to withstand a variety of staining The exterior of maple is remarkably uniform, with subdued grain and markings

The Birch wood is a good option if you’re seeking a specific color for your cabinets. It can be painted or finished with many different Birchwood is a different color for heartwood and sapwood, although this distinction isn’t as significant as hickory

Kitchen cabinets made of oak are strong and much more affordable than oak or maple which makes them a preferred choice for buyers It is a beautiful grain pattern that are adored by many homeowners, and the wood doesn’t soak up water, as it runs right off

Hickory wood offers a significant contrast in the colors between the heartwood and the sapwood, which makes it excellent for designing The wood has a smooth pale yellow appearance, and it is able to It tends to have extreme variations in its grain patterns and is prized for it’s natural rustic appearance

Cherry wood is a wild black cherry that is often used in styles like Cherry wood cabinets may be reddish in color and may also range from white to brown Cherry woods have an exceptionally smooth surface and has lots of variations in its marking Cherry woods look beautiful and are simple to finish, with a beautiful reddish-brown color and a smooth

This is only the beginning of wood cabinets. Contact us at Alluros Custom Cabinets now to assist you in choosing the best fit for your cabinets

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Alluros Custom Cabinets in Peoria


13224 N 98th Ave.
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